Cybersecurity Consulting Services

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Chris Cantey

Hi! 👋 I’m Chris Cantey, consultant and founder of Wonders.

With over 20 years in tech and a focused 12 years in cybersecurity, I’ve committed my career to not just navigating but also demystifying the complexities of digital security for others.

My service offering is designed to meet organizations wherever they are and help them build up to where they want or need to be. You can think of each item below as a layer we can add to our partnership when the time is right.

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Tailored Strategies & Advice


This is my core service and where I recommend we start. I conduct a thorough evaluation of your systems to uncover vulnerabilities, understand your risk landscape, and prioritize threats, providing a clear blueprint for enhancing your cybersecurity defenses.

Security Program

Once we have a baseline and plan in place, we can continue building out your security program. We’ll work together to map out a longer-term security strategy that integrates seamlessly with your business’s ongoing day-to-day, aiming to keep threats at bay while your business thrives.

Essential Security

For organizations not needing a technical deep dive right away, I can start by helping your team understand cybersecurity essentials and make decisions that fortify your defenses. This includes advising on best practices, tools, and proactive steps to maintain a secure operational environment.

Hands-On Engineering & Implementation

Security Engineering

Moving beyond strategy, I directly engage in configuring and enhancing your cybersecurity infrastructure, making sure your defenses are robust and actively protecting your business. This is often helpful for small or otherwise busy IT teams that could use the extra help putting the security configurations and practices in place.

Staff Training

I also offer specialized training sessions for your team, focusing on empowering them with the knowledge and practices needed for a secure digital environment. This includes understanding cybersecurity essentials, effectively using security tools, and responding to potential threats, all designed to complement the technical safeguards we put in place.

Ongoing Guidance & Support

Envision having an ongoing, strategic guiding hand, someone to help your business navigate and stay ahead of cybersecurity challenges. As your Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), I’m not just a consultant but part of your team, available for regular calls, strategic planning sessions, and providing insights on navigating new technologies and potential cybersecurity challenges. Whenever you’re in need of clear, actionable security advice, I’m here. No jargon, just helpful insights to keep improving your security stance.

Widening the Lens to IT Consulting

And there’s more. Beyond tightening your cybersecurity, I offer insights into other IT areas — from making sure your service delivery is top-notch to advising on technology choices and team setup. I help you navigate, understand, and integrate new and evolving technologies. Consider it comprehensive care for your business’s tech health.

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Let’s Make Your Business Safer and Stronger, Together

Stepping into the world of cybersecurity with Wonders means you don’t have to go it alone. I’m all about breaking down the technical talk, focusing on what really matters to keep your business secure and set up for success. If you’re looking for a partnership that offers expert knowledge and a personal approach to cybersecurity, let’s chat.

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Businesses Small and Large

I work with organizations of all shapes and sizes, and I love helping small business and startups grow.

I work with existing in-house IT teams, as well as businesses just getting started with IT.

Hybrid Environments Welcome

I help you protect your systems whether they’re in-house or remote, physical or virtual, cloud or on-premises, mobile or desktop, or whether they’re running macOS, Windows, or Linux.

Strategy and Support Examples

Improve Your Defenses

I can help you improve your protection against:

  • Ransomware & Malware
  • Phishing & Social Engineering
  • AI & Model Risks
  • Email & Account Compromises
  • Data Leaks & Loss
  • Network Attacks
  • Many more threats and adversaries

Frameworks and Compliance

I can help you with:

  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF)
  • CMMC & NIST 800-171
  • MPA Content Security Best Practices
  • IRS 4557 Guidelines
  • Harder to Hack Guide
  • Many more frameworks and standards

Tools and Training

I can help you put tools, plans, and training in place for:

  • Device & Account Security
  • Backup Planning
  • System Monitoring
  • Detection & Response
  • Cleanup & Recovery
  • Machine Learning Safeguards
  • Many more security practices

What Makes Wonders Different

I take a goal and people-oriented approach to building your cybersecurity plan.

I can help you focus on protecting for threats unique to your business and workflows.

I can help you train your people to put the tools and practices in place efficiently.

I can help you layer on security in time as your availability and budget allows.

I can help you start with low-cost enterprise-grade tools that grow with you.

Let’s start with a simple, free chat.